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Deanna Sue Predoehl
March 25, buy 1995 – June 20, 2015

Deanna was born a twin with her brother Michael. She spent the first ten years of her life with her mother Kellie Donelly in Arizona. At the age of ten, she and her brother came to California to live with her father Thomas Predoehl.

She started drawing at a very early age, and continued her passion with art until the day she died.   She loved art, animals, dancing, reading, healthy food, and a sense of order.   She had strong organization skills, and was hired as an assistant manager for her very first job.   She was an extremely talented young lady with an enormous soul.

She was a beautiful, gifted and adorable being, who left us way too soon.

9 thoughts on “Deanna

  1. I never had the pleasure of meeting Deanna although I have seen her artwork.
    What a talented person she was!
    Such a terrible loss.
    My heart goes out to Deanna’s family and friends.

  2. Beautiful person with incredible talent – gone too soon. There will always be a special place in my heart that misses her.

  3. Deanna…I’ve known you since 7th grade and I know that we didn’t talk very much back then but when we did hung out and talked with our friend Griselda, I noticed many great things about you. I also remember that we didn’t get along on some certain things but I do have good memories of us… Deanna, you will be dearly missed by everyone who knew you from day 1

  4. Broken pieces were shattered
    But with you that never mattered

    Weird and curious was your game
    Deanna was your name

    You held my hand when I couldn’t breathe
    Allowing me to grieve

    You baked cakes of color bright and happy
    You weren’t super fond of things that were sappy

    You reminded me life goes on
    To hold on to memories and carry on

    I carry a piece of you in my heart.
    That piece you planted from the start

    Rest in heaven beautiful one
    We will meet again under the sun

  5. Oh Deanna my love, we were planning on getting married, now I’m here and still going to carrying out the dream you and I spoke of. I will make an art studio some day and teach the broken and misguided. And now its my ultimate goal I’ll never give up like I’ve never given up on you or you for me. I will hold you in my mind body and spirit for the rest of my time until we meet again

  6. When all is said and done, and we get back up on our feet. The thoughts for me tend to stay, as though they’ll forever be. I swear I miss you more, each memory I repeat. Lost the fear of death, because you’d be next to me. But standin’ fast, I carry on. Thank you sis, for keeping me strong.

    In Loving Memory of Deanna, you will always be remembered my twin.

    • Your words are precious and bring tears with the hope you do stay strong. They say you don’t miss what you didn’t have. I miss what we never got a chance to know.

  7. I love you babygirl and am so sorry I let u down.may u find the peace you deserve.I can’t change what you did but I can forgive you and try to help grandma forgive herself

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